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for this un-expected surprise. In such a tough year, it means a lot to get some form of recognition. Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Prestige Awards for their help, advice and encouragement to participate in this years awards. And a big thank you to all my clients who placed their trust in me, allowed me the opportunity to keep doing what I love to do and excel at it. Time for a celebrationafter a testing year. Cheers!


Hi, my name is Mos and I started the company back in 2017. Before that, I was a self employed craftsman, specialising in the restoration, renovation and draught proofing of timber sash windows. All my work is sympathetic to the original windows of period homes. I am based in Turvey – a small historic village near Bedford. I cover an area which includes Bedford, Buckingham, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. 



is always my first port of call. Preserving as much as possible of the original timber. All restoration work comes with draught proofing as standard.

Draught Proofing

This can be retro - fitted to any timber sash window as long as it is in good condition.

New Build

Whether to replace an existing window or to fit in a new extension on your property, these are hand built using responsibly sourced hardwoods.


Restoration normally starts with stripping all old paint off the timbers. This allows for full assessment of its condition and determines if any will need to be repaired or replaced.

Chemical treatment for the timber will then be applied. This protects the timber against wet/dry rot and any boring insects. Manufacturer's guarantee is 15 years.

Repaint of all sash boxes both internal and external. The paint I use is solvent based so is the primer with a high content of shellac. Normally, I use white colour with a satin finish. However, any RAL colour could be used.

Same procedure happens with the sashes. However, these will be restored at the workshop. This allows for a thorough inspection. Any cracked glass will be replaced with modern 3mm float glass. For period, listed and conservation area properties, restoration glass will be used to match both the requirements and the character of the property. Any perished putty will be replaced by Linseed based putty.

All window furniture will be checked, refurbished or replaced during the renovation. New sash cords will be installed as well. These have a poly-core with a waxed sleeve around them to ensure their strength. This comes with a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer.

The sashes will then be re-installed. Both staff and parting beads will be replaced with modern ones that have the draught-proofing carriers embedded in them. The weather pile comes in different sizes and I will use the relevant size. Everything gets filled, sealed and a final top coat applied before re-installing the window furniture. This is when I hand over and your two years guarantee starts.

Sash before restoration
Sash before restoration
Sash stripped
Sash during Restoration
Sash before Installation
Sash before Installation


This is normally installed on sashes that are in good condition. I replace both staff beads and parting beads with a replacement that has a "C" shaped carrier channel embedded in the wood during its manufacturing. This allows for a Weather-Pile "brushes" to be inserted to the carrier channel. The weather-pile itself comes in different sizes and colours. I almost always use white ones and the size is determined by the slight gap between the beads and the sashes. During this, I also add a carrier channel on the bottom meeting rail. This is the two horizontal bars forming the bottom of the top sash and the top of the bottom sash. This is where you almost always have your sash fasteners "locks". This procedure means that both sashes will be sandwiched between the weather-pile. It stops any draught and the annoying rattling sound when it is windy outside disappears.

Staff and parting beads being cut to size.


Whether you want to replace a deteriorated sash or have added an extension to your home, I can build you a new Box sash window. I only use sustainably sourced, kiln dried and FSC certified hardwoods. They will be sympathetic to the style and age of your property. I will be happy to guide you through the endless list of options when it comes to hardware and finishes.

I use traditional methods. They combine age old practices with contemporary tools and materials. For example, all the joints on a sash will be following traditional mortice and tenon and fixed with offset wooden pegs. The cuts and the holes will be done by modern day power tools. This, in my opinion combines accuracy and tradition.

New bespoke hardwood windows
New bespoke hardwood windows.


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