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ethics and sustainability statement

We form strong and enduring relationships with our suppliers, collaborating to develop sustainable and ethical approaches to sourcing practices as part of our Ethics and Sustainability statement. We are committed to ensuring all raw materials we use will be 100% from sustainable or recycled sources by 2025.

Clearing of trees and woodland areas to meet global demand for timber-based products means the destruction of natural habitats, loss of biodiversity, and reduced carbon capture, all of which have significant economic, environmental and social impacts. As a responsible company we have a role to play in supporting sustainable forestry practices and curbing the worldwide trade in illegal timber. All of the timber products we offer are sourced from sustainable forests and where possible certified to FSC & PEFC and National Standards.

  • Sustainable forestry is defined as the management of forests in a way that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, and regeneration capacity. It also considers their potential to fulfil ecological, economic and social functions both now and in the future. We expect all our suppliers to comply with the UK Timber Regulation. However, our ultimate aim is to always exceed legislative requirements in our purchasing practices and source our raw materials in the most sustainable way possible.
  • It is critical that we reduce the amount of waste and plastic packaging our business produces, in order to prevent further environmental damage and climate breakdown. We’re separating all recyclable materials from our general waste at our workshop.
  • We have plans in place to move into electrical powered vans. We also monitor our energy consumption closely to help us to reduce our carbon footprint.